Producer of food grade and cat. Iii fats

The highest quality animal fats for many sectors. Please find more
najlepszy producent smalcu

Top quality, pork, poultry and beef fats as well as lard and greaves from traditional melting. Professional products for HoReCa.

tłuszcze spożywcze wytwórca

Pork, poultry, beef cat. III fats intended for fodder production and animal or vegetable fatty acids.

pet food producent tłuszczów

Food grade fats and cat. III animal feed, frozen graves, meals, offal.

półprodukty tłuszczowe do produkcji

Bleached and refined animal fats with industry-specific parameters.

oleochemikalia producent

Cat. III and technical fats, technical fatty acids.

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Many years of experience in manufacturing, selling and transporting high quality animal fats for food and industrial sectors

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One of the fastest growing companies in the sector of fat processing in Poland


The use carefully selected raw materials and the latest technologies ensure the highest quality of our products.Read more »


Having our own laboratory is a valuable tool at the very beginning to the end of the production process that guarantees the top quality of all products.Read more »


The fleet of cars with various load capacities allows us to quickly and efficiently fulfil deliveries to the Clients as well as to collect raw materials from the Suppliers.Read more »


Over the years of our market activity, the company has gained the trust and loyalty of Customers in Poland and abroad. We cooperate with Clients in Lithuania, Sweden, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Bulgaria, and Romania. We are also authorized to conduct business transactions with Hong Kong and Taiwan.Read more »
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We offer storage services of
liquid fats, oils and chilled products.
Bestsellers in our offer
The highest quality animal fats intended for many industries.
producent smalcu - smalec wyborowy babuni

The unique flavour of lard enriched with added marjoram, parsley, salt, pepper, and a mix of spices will help you remember the tastes of your childhood, when life was carefree and grandma would spoil the grandchildren with her own products.

smalec w kloku 500g producent

Superb lard is produced by continuous melting method of pork fats. Our lard is sold ready for consumption without any additional processing, or in a processed state suitable for meat products. It is also recommended for cooking, stewing, frying and roasting.

skwarki wieprzowe - produkcja

Aromatic cracklings produced in the traditional melting pots. Used in the confectionery and baking industry, perfect as topping for a variety of dishes.

profesjonalne produkty tłuszczowe - producent tłuszów spożywczych

Confectionery fat is obtained during continuous melting process of pork fats. The product
is intended for the production of French and semi-French pastries, cookies, and as a basic
component for fatty masses and creams. The product is distinguished by its smooth texture
and ability to combine with other ingredients

smalec gęsi - kubek - producent

Goose lard is a source of unsaturated fatty acids, it is an excellent addition to dishes, baked and fried. It does not lose its properties even after heating up to 200°C. In addition to gastronomic qualities, it is often used externally in the form of poultices for rheumatic and joint pains, inflammations, and some wounds

Liquid lard oil obtained by phase separation during the melting of pork fats. It is intended for repeated deep frying of French fries, potatoes, crisps, vegetables, donuts, and pancakes. Semi-fluid consistency and specific properties ensure convenience of use, high efficiency, and low fat absorption. The antioxidant addition guarantees stability in the long-term frying process compared with vegetable fritters.