Advantages of AGII
We have had many years of experience in the sale and transport of high-quality animal fats
intended for the food and industrial sectors.

years in the market

of production and storage area

export countries



The idea behind all our actions taken to improve the company’s operations is to ensure the highest quality of products.
The best standard is assured with:

  • work on carefully selected raw materials,
  • use of the latest production technologies,
  • efficient Food Safety Management Systems and Quality Standards for feedstuffs.

Over the years, AGII has established partnerships with a number of slaughterhouses and meat processing plants in Poland and the EU countries. Now, with a wide range of suppliers, the company is able to carefully select supplied fats and only use those with the best properties in its production process.



Having its own laboratory gives the company a valuable tool at the very start of the production process and enables to ensure the highest quality of all its products.

The laboratory equipment allows the company to determine the parameters of the raw materials supplied for production and to quickly select the best ones.

Therefore, only those fats which meet all the physiochemical parameters are used in the production process. It means that when supplying fat to the client, the company is sure that it is delivering the product whose parameters meet the requirements set out by the client.



A big advantage of the company is its own vehicle fleet. Different capacity Vehicles allow the company to quickly and efficiently fulfil deliveries to clients, as well as to collect raw materials from suppliers.



Over the years of its market activity, the company has gained the trust and loyalty of customers in Poland and abroad.

The company works with clients in Lithuania, Sweden, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Bulgaria, and Romania.

AGII is also authorized to conduct business transactions with Hong Kong and Taiwan.